About us

Golden Dragon Capital was established in 2015 as an independent corporate advisory services provider that offers clients in the mining industry access to a complete range of investment related tasks.

We specifically work with mining companies that are looking to enter and engage with end users in the People’s Republic of China.¬†Golden Dragon Capital has identified a leading strategy based on years’ of in-country experience and industry knowledge, which consists of assisting junior resource companies on how to enter China and engage with the prominent leaders of their specific commodity sector.

Our Principal Mr Brendan Jephcott has lived and worked in the China for more than seven years. He has visited numerous institutions and facilities, cultivated a global network of mining professionals across a range of commodities and has been instrumental in several cross-border investment transactions.

Introduction to Brendan Jephcott, Principal of Golden Dragon Capital | Corporate Advisory ServicesBrendan Jephcott, Principal of Golden Dragon Capital

The vision of Golden Dragon Capital is to be a global leader in providing corporate advisory services to mining companies. This will be achieved by implementing an aggressive growth strategy and a fair return for all our stakeholders.

To accomplish this, we will exceed the expectations of our clients and out compete against our rivals while conserving resources and preserving quality and upholding ethics of the global mining industry.

As a mining-focused corporate advisory services provider, Golden Dragon Capital understands risks associated with the mining industry. As part of its investment analysis and consulting strategies, we assist clients in carrying out a due diligence process to ensure that the clients partners are reputable and reliable. We offer a hands-on approach were we actively engage with our clients throughout the entire engagement period and regularly review the clients corporate objectives to make sure management feel safe and secure in our relationship.

I look forward to doing business with you,

Kind Regards,

Brendan Jephcott


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