Strategic Acquisitions

Golden Dragon Capital Limited assists natural resource clients by evaluating potential project opportunities, preparing growth strategies, due diligence, valuations and exit strategies to ensure that projects are technically feasible and are in place to generate long-term value for our clients, and in the case of partnerships and joint ventures, we contribute substantial technical resources to bring operational and financial discipline to mining projects.

Growth through acquisitions is a key business strategy of diversification and market positioning as it helps the company enter into a new market or secure more market share. The company might gain a competitive edge, acquire innovative technologies or skill sets. Acquisitions are especially popular in the mining sector for when the company chooses to pursue a new commodity segment of the industry which is speculative in the current market.

As clients want to generate value from their mining projects, financiers want to make a return on their investments and regulators want transparency we assist clients in carrying out prospective due diligence. We work with specialist partners and provide independent valuations and technical appraisals to clients focused on minimising risks and maximising acquisition opportunities.

After a diligent strategic acquisition review, going forward it may help the client in improving performance, consolidate to remove excess capacity from industry, accelerate market access for the target’s (or buyer’s) products, obtain skills or technologies faster or at lower cost than they can be built, exploit scalability, fill critical gaps in the industry and most importantly an opportunity to leverage synergies of both companies through implementing a new business model.

Such as Natural Resource Project Valuations – asset valuations based on geological and financial modelling. These valuation reports are needed in situations such as mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures.

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