China Mining Guru Service

China Mining Guru Service – Year’s of In-Country Experience

Golden Dragon Capital has in-depth knowledge of mining operations, financial analysis of mining projects, commodities trends and industry dynamics.

Golden Dragon Capital has assisted several publicly listed mining companies across a broad range of minerals, stages of development and geographic locations enter China.

Complemented by Mr Brendan Jephcott’s extensive industry expertise, he who has lived and worked globally and have visited dozens of Chinese companies, factories, smelters in China.

Global Network of Strategy

Golden Dragon Capital provides can assist its clients to enter China and meet with end users such as:

  • Leading Chinese mining conglomerates
  • Industry technical professionals behind revolutionary IP such as lithium recovery methods from spodumene or lithium-mica ore mineralisation
  • Capital markets contacts – equity and debt
  • Investment banking and project finance, and most importantly
  • Off-take partners such as smelters or other downstream processing facilities.

We have are based out of Perth, Australia and Beijing, China.

As a mining-focused corporate advisory services provider, Golden Dragon Capital understands risks associated with the mining industry. As part of its investment analysis and consulting strategies, we assist clients in carrying out a due diligence process to ensure that the clients partners are reputable and reliable.

On-Hands Approach

Golden Dragon Capital provides and on-hands approach were we actively engage with our clients throughout the entire engagement period and regularly review the clients corporate objectives to make sure management feel safe and secure in our relationship.

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