China Mining M&A Expertise

Chinese Mining M&A Expertise

Established in 2015, Golden Dragon Capital is leading in providing Chinese Mining M&A expertise by pioneering the concept of assisting junior resource companies reach out to end users in China as the world’s second largest economy continues to seek out raw materials for its growing empire.

Golden Dragon Capital is a specialist in mining and partners with junior resource companies to build strong, successful and sustainable businesses that strive to produce superior returns for all stakeholders and shareholders.

We are also a leading market intelligence source with a global presence. We study commodity markets in many countries to help you analyse competitive activity, see beyond market disruptions, and develop intelligent business strategies.

Our management team consists of Brendan Jephcott who has extensive commercial and technical experience in the global mining industry. Mr Jephcott has an undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree in Business and years of experience at mining companies doing financial analysis, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions.

Mr Jephcott experience is dedicated on assisting management teams specifically tailor their promotional material to enter the People’s Republic of China, garner interest with validated and reputable partners to both develop and operate client’s assets.

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As mining specialists, in addition to providing aiding in capital raisings, Golden Dragon Capital has the in-country expertise to actively guide a mining company’s management team through the process of entering China and manage a relationship with a Chinese partner.

Golden Dragon Capital has participated in numerous mining-related strategies and development plans throughout the world. These special tasks encompass a range of asset divestment, project financings and general corporate advisory transactions.

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