Chinese Translation Services

Golden Dragon Capital Limited provides high quality, reliable and independent Simplified Chinese to English and English to Simplified Chinese translation services to mining clients. We assist in translating the client’s mining project into Simplified Chinese and assists in board room negotiations by tailoring investment presentations to be receptive when viewed by a local Chinese mining management audience.

Given the industrialisation and modernisation of China, many mining companies pursue the country as a market for offtake agreements as it already has existing downstream facilities in place and market demand from its own domestic economy to warrant the business. Its helps that your project can be understood by your counterpart in their own mother tongue.

In addition to tailored investor presentations we also provide Document Translation Services which may include technical report, marketing materials, website design, financial modelling and in personal translation services.

Many businesses will rely on the help of translators, but we have found that investing in a dedicated service has led to stronger relationships with clients – so much so that the majority of work the firm receives under this service is through personal recommendations.

It’s not just about the ease of communication, knowing the language also means partly understanding the culture and most importantly getting your message across to the Chinese.

It’s immensely helpful if we can ring them up or email and talk to them in their own language and understand where they’re coming from. It will be a huge advantage over companies that do not translate and have only information in English.

Our key translation product is the investment presentation tailored by Golden Dragon Capital Limited CEO Mr Brendan Jephcott who has previously worked for a subsidiary of Global Fortune 500 Company China Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd (“CNMC”) in Beijing, China in charge of prospective M&A due diligence on mining projects located in different jurisdictions throughout the world. He knows what questions Chinese mining managers ask, what answers they give leads to what response and more importantly using his language skills to negotiate cross-border transactions.

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