Equity Financing

Golden Dragon Capital assists its clients in Equity Financing and raising capital by carrying out targeted roadshows and using a wide network of cultivated relationships to source funds suitable for our client’s individual needs.

Capital Raising is a common tool used by junior resource companies to raise share capital by giving existing shareholders the right to subscribe to new shares for cash.

“Capital Raising is a tool commonly used by junior resources firms”

Equity financing is the process of raising capital through the sale of shares in an enterprise. This essentially refers to the sale of an ownership interest to raise funds for business purposes.

As part of our corporate advisory services we can assist you in making a good business plan explaining how your investors would profit, if you raise capital via equity, through the capital invested by them. A good presentation can lure investors to invest in your business. Tell them about raising capital via equity fund and the profits they can earn.

Road show presentations (even in Chinese) do not cut it in China. You need to have an Information Memorandum style content condensed down into a slide presentation. We have a unique investor presentation style that we have used in the past which has generated success.

“I have participated in over one thousand boardroom meetings”

I have participated in over one thousand boardroom meetings and discussions between foreign executives and Chinese mining investors and I have found that many foreign executives have difficulty in understanding how Chinese mining investors think and operate. It is because of this reason I use my skills as an industry leading professional with in-country experience to assist foreign executives successfully reach out to Chinese mining investors and achieve their corporate objectives.

Generally speaking most Chinese executives can only speak and read a handful of English unless they have had extensive learning experience abroad. To combat this, I recommend all materials be presented in Chinese and I mean EVERYTHING. Do not fall for the ‘English is okay’ phrase. As a result of this you will also need to hire a seasoned professional to act as your translator unless you yourself can speak Mandarin. Do not use Ethnic Chinese as there are cultural differences between them and the Mainlanders.

If your Chinese counterparts can not understand your message, than you have failed. By not adhering to the above suggested tips, chances are your Chinese counterparts will simply nod their heads, ask a couple questions, and then (in Chinese) they will discuss among each other about finishing the meeting early to get a good spot down stairs when lining up in the canteen for lunch. Or they will say they have another pressing issue from the boss.

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