Extractive Mineral Processing

Mineral Processing – also known as ore dressing, is the process of separating commercially valuable minerals from their ores.

High quality Extractive Mineral Processing Engineering Solutions come with early project involvement which is critical to ensure strategic use of limited capital for junior companies, obtain fundamental understanding of geo-metallurgical characteristics of deposit, technical de-risking of projects, and development of fast cash-flow options.

GDC established in 2015, through its partnerships, delivers detailed extractive mineral processing engineering solutions in the areas of beneficiation and secondary minerals processing.

Through analysing project information and ore characterisation test-work forms our ability to assist mining companies in developing mining projects through a technical de-risked strategy starting from early exploration, through to feasibility study and first production.

mineral processing at a plant
mineral processing at a plant

GDC focuses on the full mine life-cycle and all components of a mining project with a key focus on mining, metallurgical, processing and marketing consulting advice to assist mining companies to expedite development and ensure overall corporate objectives are achieved.

Our Extractive Mineral Processing Engineering Solutions assists in:

  1. Develop Metallurgical Test-work Programs
  2. Flowsheet Design
  3. Optimise Existing Mining Operations
  4. Conduct Technical Due Diligence


  1. Misinformation regarding key technical criteria in Mining, Metallurgy and Processing
  2. Lack of Geo-Metallurgical understanding of the resource leading to wasteful use of capital during exploration phase
  3. Consultants working in isolation and not linking the Resource Geology, Metallurgy, Process Design and Product Market cohesively
  4. Limited understanding of various development strategies to generate various product types for different end users

Strategic Development options to consider in Feasibility Stage

  • Understanding of possible product streams and target markets
  • Partnerships with major metallurgical laboratories to provide significant cost savings to clients for metallurgical testwork
  • Partnerships with major Geological and Mining consultants to provide significant cost savings for Resource and Mine Modelling as well as Mine Planning
  • Partnerships with various Engineering Consultants to provide significantly cheaper scoping feasibility studies

Our Extractive Mineral Processing Engineering Solutions span nearly all segments of the global mining markets and are tailored to the corporate objectives of our clients, we draw on a body of research and collaborative through a transparent culture that encourages independent thought.

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