Find Chinese Investors

As part of our Corporate Advisory Services if you are seeking funding or searching for a joint venture partner to help advance your mining project, Golden Dragon Capital can find Chinese investors.

Golden Dragon Capital Principal Brendan Jephcott with a Tungsten Mining NL representative visiting a tungsten mining operation in Jiangxi Province, China

Why Find Chinese Investors?

China has now become the world’s second largest economy and it is still growing.

This has led to many mining executives not only considering China for capital raising but also for a strategic partner as many metals such are often processed in China and manufactured into end products.

In addition, as mining machinery and equipment is also manufactured in China, it provides a value-add when targeting Chinese as a partner may assist in reducing your project’s capital expenditure.

“China is the world’s second largest economy and it is still growing”

For two decades, the modernisation and urbanisation of China has given rise to many large enterprises that now seeking to invest in mining projects abroad to secure more raw materials for its growing business and the country itself.

Golden Dragon Capital diligently assists its mining client’s with finding competent Chinese investors with a proven track record of investing abroad. Golden Dragon Capital provides a hands-on approach when faced with the specific challenges and unique opportunities of every cross-border investment deal, particularly those in China.

We focus on providing senior management with expert advice on effectively marketing to Chinese mining management.

We also offer a supporting service to the business executives that come across to China. Chinese mining managers have a unique business mind-set and the way you approach them is critical to success.

“For more than a decade China has increased it’s outbound mining investment and continues to expand its reach every year”

One of the core visions of Golden Dragon Capital is to foster the harmonious development of cross-border investment between China and the world. This is achieved through many years of in-country experience and understanding the cultural differences between China and outside of China.

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