How to Find Chinese Manufacturers

Golden Dragon Capital Limited can assist your company enter China to find Chinese manufacturers.

Step 1: Tell us your corporate objective and what you are looking for in a China Manufacturing partner. We can assist you find a group of potential suitors and then work our way through to select your ideal manufacturing partner, liaise with them directly and make your supply chain run efficiently.

Chinese people do not really speak good English therefore it is important to remember hiring a firm with in-country experience such as Golden Dragon Capital Limited. It’s important to be able to communicate and ensure your order quantities, timing and ability to meet the production standards you require are met.

Step 2: We will assist in scheduling a time for visiting the factories. Of course, you will not spend time and capital without visiting the Chinese factory itself. A common concern in any new relationship with overseas suppliers is that communicating over such a distance can make it easy for misunderstandings to occur, and meanings can get lost in translation.

Meeting your China Manufacturer will give you and the manufacturers a “face to the name value” in. Moreover, it you will be able to inspect and review the facilities to make sure the procedures and practices are up to the standards that your company requires.

Step 3: We can also assist you with financial modelling to understand the economics of your project. By employing these services, you can potentially reduce significant capital expenditure and operating expenditure of your firm. This includes understanding your minimum order quantity, prices for samples, prices for production, time to manufacture, payment terms, and shipping.

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