Get into China

Golden Dragon Capital Limited “Get into China” core strategy is admired by many.

Golden Dragon Capital Limited was established in 2015 as an independent corporate advisory firm that offers clients in the mining industry access to a complete range of investment related tasks. We specifically work with mining companies that are looking to do business in the People’s Republic of China.

Our service is led by GDC CEO Mr Brendan Jephcott who has previously worked for a subsidiary of Global Fortune 500 Company China Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd in Beijing, China in charge of prospective M&A due diligence on mining projects located in different jurisdictions throughout the world. He knows what questions Chinese mining managers ask, what answers they give leads to what response and more importantly using his language skills to negotiate cross-border transactions.

Given the industrialisation and modernisation of China, many mining companies pursue the country as a market for offtake agreements as it already has existing downstream facilities in place and market demand from its own domestic economy to warrant the business. Its helps that your project can be understood by your counterpart in their own mother tongue.

It’s not just about the ease of communication, knowing the language also means partly understanding the culture and most importantly getting your message across to the Chinese.

China has already established downstream facilities in place which need to procure raw materials in order to feed its growing economy. This has led to many mining executives not only considering China for capital raising but also for a strategic partner as many metals such are often processed in China and manufactured into end products.

For two decades, the modernisation and urbanisation of China has given rise to many large enterprises that now seeking to invest in mining projects abroad to secure more raw materials for its growing business and the country itself.

Golden Dragon Capital Limited diligently assists its mining client’s with finding competent Chinese investors with a proven track record of investing abroad. We provide a hands-on approach when faced with the specific challenges and unique opportunities of every cross-border investment deal, particularly those in China. We focus on providing senior management with expert advice on effectively marketing to Chinese mining management.

Golden Dragon Capital Limited provides clear opinions and timely ideas to enable its clients to make informed investment decisions. As part of providing research, we work closely with clients to translate their insights into actionable investment opportunities.

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