International Trade Services

Golden Dragon Capital Limited participates in international trade where we source and buy commodities from our supplier base and followed by delivering them to our customers in the specification they need.

International trade means purchasing the products at farm-gate/mine-gate transporting the commodities by sea, rail and truck, storing them at the port, pre-processing them, and delivering them to our end customers.

Because we market commodities directly from the supplier to the customer, we can add value throughout the supply chain. We do this by removing the numerous middlemen and agents involved that normally reduce profit.

Golden Dragon Capital Limited makes its international trade money from arbitrage – in other words, buying the physical commodity at a certain price and selling it at a higher price, taking into account our operating costs and capital expenditure.

The success of our marketing activities depends on the diversity of our commodities, suppliers, customers and assets. Our objective is to establish a significant long-term trading business that is focused on cash flow and sustainability based around supportive supplier and customer network.