Get into China

If you are seeking funding from a cornerstone investor or searching for that strategic joint venture partner to help advance your project or provide a direct equity investment, you might consider looking to China. Golden Dragon Capital assists its client’s with finding competent Chinese investors with a proven track record of investing abroad. Golden Dragon Capital provides a hands-on approach when faced with the specific challenges and unique opportunities of every cross-border investment deal. We focus on providing foreign businesses with expert consulting services and effective marketing activities in China. We can also offer a supporting service to the business executives that come across to China.

Equity Financing

Golden Dragon Capital assists its clients in raising capital by carrying out targeted roadshows and using a wide network of cultivated relationships to source funds suitable for our client’s individual needs. Capital Raising is a common tool used by corporations to raise share capital by giving existing shareholders the right to subscribe to new shares for cash.


Golden Dragon Capital assists its clients in evaluating potential project opportunities by carrying out and preparing growth strategies, due diligence, valuations and exit strategies to ensure that projects are technically feasible and are in place to generate long-term value for our clients. In the case of partnerships and joint ventures, Golden Dragon Capital contributes substantial technical resources to bring operational and financial discipline to mining projects. Golden Dragon Capital can help you to find potential investment partners to acquire, merge with or sell to.


Golden Dragon Capital assists its clients with divesting non-core assets. Divesting non-core assets is a key factor in upholding responsible capital management for junior resource companies. Separating core assets from the non-core has become a vital way for junior companies to raise capital and re-position themselves to ensure that they are in line with strategic goals and corporate objectives.

Off-take Agreements

Golden Dragon Capital assists its clients with securing an off take agreements. An off take agreement is where a producer of a resource and a buyer of a resource to purchase/sell portions of the producer’s future production. An offtake agreement is normally negotiated prior to the construction of a facility such as a mine in order to secure a market for the future output of the facility. If lenders can see the company will have a purchaser of its production, it makes it easier to obtain financing to construct a facility.

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management

Golden Dragon Capital provides a Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management service to junior resource companies who are seeking to obtain machinery, equipment, reagents from locally sourced manufacturers in China, specifically coordinating with all design, procurement and construction work and ensuring that the whole mining project is completed as required and in time.

Chinese Translation Services

If you are you looking for reliable and independent English-Chinese translation and advisory services, Golden Dragon Capital can translate your project into Mandarin Chinese and assist in board room negotiations. Golden Dragon Capital provides a hands-on approach, attention to detail, and expert advice when it comes to cross-border investment transactions. If you’re serious about getting your message across correctly, Golden Dragon Capital can help. We offer a wide range of services including document translation, in person Chinese interpreting, Chinese business culture training and Mandarin translation.