The Golden Dragon Capital Footprint in China

Over the last 10 years, Golden Dragon Capital Limited has expanded its footprint to over 50 major cities and townships in the Peoples Republic of China, viewing many world class mining and processing operations across multiple commodities.

We offer our clients a pathway to China through providing dedicated market research reports and organise roadshows to directly meet with end-users.

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Mission Statement

Our vision is to be a global leader in providing advisory services to natural resources companies and have an established trading and investment foundation. This will be achieved by implementing an aggressive growth strategy, exceeding the expectations of our clients and out competing against rivals while conserving resources and preserving quality and upholding ethics in the global natural resources environment. As a private company, we believe our vision fosters a long-term view that aligns our perspectives with those of our clients, and we look forward to doing business with you.


Brendan Jephcott | Chief Executive Officer

Mr Brendan Jephcott, has worked in China for almost 10 years and has visited numerous mining, energy and agriculture operations, cultivated a global network of professional and investor contacts across a range of commodities, and has been instrumental in several cross-border investment transactions.

Prior to establishing Golden Dragon Capital Limited Mr Jephcott worked for a subsidiary of China Nonferrous Metals and Mining Group Co., Ltd in the project department overseeing prospective M&A activity.

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Golden Dragon Capital Limited has a proven track-record of taking clients directly to meet with end-users and strategic partners.