Research Reports

Our reports cover an introduction, industry chain, product specifications, processing methods, raw material requirements, cash cost analysis, pricing metrics, future industry development trends, and the competive landscape.

Cathode Material

  • Lithium iron phosphate
  • Lithium manganese iron phosphate
  • Ternary material

Anode Material

  • Graphite anode material
  • Silicon-based anode material


  • Lithium fluoride
  • Lithium hexafluorophosphate


  • Dry and wet separators
  • High purity alumina and boehmite

Emerging Technologies

  • Sodium-ion batteries
  • All solid-state lithium-ion batteries
  • Aerogel
  • Carbon nanotubes
  • Graphene
  • Lithium metal batteries

Metal Salt Products

  • Nickel sulfate hexahydrate
  • Manganese sulphate monohydrate
  • Cobalt sulfate
  • Lithium carbonate, and lithium hydroxide

Circular Economy

  • Lithium-ion battery waste recycling
  • REE magnet waste recycling

Current Collectors

  • Battery aluminium foil
  • Battery copper foil

Precision Structural Parts

  • EV charging pile industry
  • Prismatic, cylindrical, pouch, safety parts

Lithium-ion Battery Producers

  • List of global gigafactories

New Energy Vehicles

  • Battery electric vehicles
  • Plug-in hybrid vehicles
  • Fuel cell vehicles

Rare Earths Industry

  • Company overview reports
  • Beneficiation to MREC/REO
  • NdFeB magnet material
  • REE functional material

Mineral Commodity Reports

  • Caesium industry report
  • Fluorspar industry report
  • Lithium-mica industry report
  • Manganese industry report
  • Molydenum industry report
  • Tungsten industry report

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Golden Dragon Capital Limited is a Hong Kong Limited Company established in 2018 which provides battery mineral research reports, arranges supply chain partner introductions, and assists in contract negotiations for its clients. 

Our clients include junior resource companies, mining companies, metal traders, lithium-ion battery component material companies, investment banks, and family offices.

Golden Dragon Capital Limited is led by Mr Brendan Jephcott, an Australian citizen who has lived and worked in People’s Republic of China for 12 years. Mr Jephcott has visited several battery minerals projects and lithium-ion battery material operations, cultivating extensive commercial experience across the supply chain. Mr Jephcott has received a Bachelor’s Degree from Swinburne University, speaks Mandarin Chinese and lives in Hong Kong, China. 

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