HPMSM, an important chemical in the energy transition

Introduction to HPMSM

Manganese sulphate monohydrate (“MSM”) is the hydrated inorganic chemical compound occurring as a light pink powder with the formula MnSO4.H2O. The product is a standard (agricultural and industrial) quality MSM containing a minimum 31.8% Mn / 98% MSM. Moreover, high purity manganese sulphate monohydrate (“HPMSM”) containing a minimum 32% Mn / 99% HPMSM.

  • Agricultural quality MSM used as a feed additive catalyst for plants to synthesize chlorophyll, making for increased growth and harvest.
  • Industrial quality MSM is mainly used as drier of ink and paint, catalyst of synthetic fatty acid, in manufacture of manganese compound, electrolytic metal manganese and manganese oxide dyeing, printing and dyeing, paper making, ceramic coating and in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Battery-grade manganese sulfate is mainly used to manufacture battery materials such as high-purity electrolytic manganese dioxide, trimanganese tetraoxide, and ternary precursors.

Firstly, Manganese plays an important role in battery powered products. It acts as a stabiliser in the structure of NCM (nickel cobalt manganese) cathode materials. Nickel is known for its high specific energy but poor stability, manganese has the benefit of forming a spinel structure to achieve low internal resistance but offers a low specific energy. Moreover, combining the metals enhances each other strengths. Compared with standard grade MSM products, battery grade HPMSM has strict requirements on the content of various impurities.

Principal Processing Methods

Firstly, MSM is made directly from carbonate ores, although oxide ore can be used after roasting. Secondly, preparation of HPMSM is based on the starting raw material being either manganese ore or HPEMM. Lastly, methods for producing HPMSM include charcoal reduction roasting, sulfuric acid leaching method, two ore roasting, sulfuric acid leaching method, two mine acid method, sulfur acid-SO2 reduction leaching method, electrolytic metal method, chemical precipitation method and high temperature recrystallization.


In recent years, global production of HPMSM in 2021 was 296,000t. China dominates the HPMSM market for battery use with a 91% market share. Moreover, annual production of HPMSM in China has more than tripled between 2019 and 2021 from 84kt to 270kt. Notably, outside of China there is only one producer of HPMSM from ore, the American company Prince International Corporation with a production plant in Belgium with a production capacity of 10,000tpa. In addition, there are four producers of HPMSM in Japan which make the sulphate from imported HPEMM, producing battery materials and make HPMSM in-house for their internal use.

Competitive Landscape

Notably, the main Chinese HPMSM producers are:

  1. ISKY Chemicals Co., Ltd
  2. Guizhou Dalong Huicheng New Materials Co., Ltd
  3. Qinzhou Nanhai Chemical
  4. Southern Manganese Group Co., Ltd (Daxin Manganese Mine Branch 20,000t/a & subsidiary Guangxi Huiyuan Manganese Industry Co Ltd (Chongzuo Branch) 30,000t/a)
  5. Guizhou Red Star Development Co., Ltd (via subsidiary Guizhou Hongxing Development Dalong Manganese Industry Co Ltd)

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