Lithium-ion Battery Separator Industry Market Research Report


A lithium-ion battery separator is a main component material used in the makeup of high-performance rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. A separator is an insulating film with a large number of meandering and penetrating micropores, with its main function to isolate the cathode and anode, preventing short circuits within the battery, ensuring free passage of lithium ions to form a charging and discharging circuit.

Separator Product Characteristics

As an important lithium-ion battery component material, the separator plays the role of separating the cathode and anode, effectively preventing the internal short circuit of the battery, while at the same time allowing lithium ions to pass through. For instance, when battery temperature rises, the separator is closed to block the conduction of lithium ions after reaching a certain temperature, so that the internal circuit of the battery is broken to prevent combustion and explosion caused by excessive temperatures. As the separator directly determines the energy density and service life of the battery, the separator material requires high-performance indicators, which mainly includes:

  1. Chemical stability: The separator should remain stable in the battery and not chemically react with the cathode, anode, and electrolyte, which is mainly measured by corrosion resistance and shrinkage rate.
  2. Wettability: Excellent wettability can increase the contact between the separator and the electrolyte, which can ensure lower resistance and higher ion conductivity, improve battery energy density, and improve charge and discharge performance.
  3. Safety protection: The temperature of the battery will rise during charging and discharging. In extreme cases, a short circuit will release a large amount of heat in a short time. At this time, the physical integrity properties of the separator ensures that the short circuit of the cathode and anode is prevented from occurring.


On the one hand, in recent years, due to the price war in the global separator industry, the current industry structure is relatively stable and the supply and demand of separators is tightly balanced. It is expected that according to current production capacity expansion plans, separator companies will restrict the release of production capacity, keeping the global separator market in a tight balance over the next 2- 3 years.

On the other hand, global production capacity continues accelerate and is more and more concentrated by a handful of Chinese companies. The China separator industry is dominated by Yunnan Energy New Material Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Senior Technology Material Co., Ltd, and Sinoma Science & Technology Co., Ltd. While overseas industry is dominated Toray Industries, Asahi Kasei Corporate, UBE Corporation, Wscope, SKI Group, Sumitomo and other companies.

From the perspective of global market competition, in 2021, 73.8% of the separator market share was from in China, and the global separator supply will continue to be dominated by China, while the remaining overseas separator market will be dominated by Japanese and Korean companies.



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